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Advanced Reports Use Case: Keep Time-Based KPIs Under Control With the ‘Sales by Hour Report’

Advanced Reports Use Case: Keep Time-Based KPIs Under Control With the ‘Sales by Hour Report’

Business reports are invaluable, no matter the type or size of your business. The information they provide helps you see what is working and what isn’t allowing you to quickly identify areas in need of improvement.

However, it requires lots of resources and professional skills to gather accurate data, vital for specific business needs. What’s more, it is time-consuming to structure and process massive statistics to have access to various metrics of periods.

There is a native reporting solution for Magento 2, but for in-depth analysis, you will need more - which is provided via  Magento 2 Advanced Reports by Aheadworks. 

Loaded with 10 widgets, and 13 report types provide a comprehensive overview of your web store performance. Let’s focus on the 13th report type, the Sales by Hour report, which was added with the last release, and explore its possibilities by diving into a use case.


“I need to determine the optimal time interval for marketing campaigns to better gauge when my store managers have the most workload”. 


Timing is everything as success, oftentimes is dictated by getting it right. And it’s highly applicable to business as well! That’s why our team of Product Owners and Developers created a report that allows you to effectively manage your employee’s time and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns!

The Sales by Hour report is quite detailed, showing statistics data primarily based on the number of products sold or the total sum paid by customers within a specific period.

See below for a full list of attributes included in the ‘Sales by Hour’ report: 

  • Number of Orders
  • Items Ordered
  • Subtotal
  • Tax
  • Shipping
  • Discounts
  • Total
  • Invoiced 
  • Refunded
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Like all reports, the ‘Sales by Hour’ report is configurable and includes a set of filters, including:

  • Customer Group
  • Segment
  • Store View
  •  as well as some other tools for filtering and arranging reports

The data in the report are formed according to the chosen period in the calendar. The time format of the first report's column depends on the Interface locale belonging to the admin role and supports several options for time zones.

Why is this kind of report so powerful?

  • It is an indicator of how productive your employees are
  • It enables you to anticipate how much money you can earn during chosen time frames
  • As it’s a time-based metric, it will help your workers use the time they have at their disposal much more effectively
  • It allows you to arrange marketing campaigns at optimal times for each customer group or segment

To make more data-driven business decisions using reports, check the detailed information on the Advanced Report extension on its product page.