12 Tips to Obtain Significant News Coverage without Spending Much Money

Content marketing is definitely one of the most effective tools for attracting the audience’s attention to a brand. Through content marketing, online businesses are able to attract relevant traffic to their web stores. Of course, SEO and Social Media Marketing perfectly serve this purpose as well. But in this article, we will give you some tips explaining how to get significant traffic to a website without using costly promotion tools, but only interesting content. The information presented here will be useful for both merchants and marketers operating in the e-commerce field.
Illegitimate Customer Payments Protection in Magento 2: Quick Tutorial

Illegitimate Customer Payment Protection in Magento 2: Quick Tutorial

Starting to operate in the e-commerce field, businesses should be ready for any threats that can go with their online presence. Internet fraud is the issue that must not be underestimated, as any illegitimate action can seriously affect the well-being of any business. In general, there are two types of internet fraud: illegitimate actions causing security breaches and suspicious transactions related to the use of credit cards by defrauders pretending to be honest buyers. In this article, we will describe the major forms of customer payment fraud and then consider how Magento 2 store owners can protect their sites from fraudulent transactions.

E-commerce in Our Lives

For many people, e-commerce has already become an integral part of their lives, since we regularly make online orders for products and services. E-commerce exists for more than 40 years, and it constantly develops. Every year, the world witnesses innovations, new technologies, as well as new online businesses starting to operate in this field. However, there was the time when the idea of making distant purchases was just a dream.

UK Magento Stores Use Aheadworks Extensions

Continuing to feature the Magento projects made by our partners this time we’d like to highlight several websites made by our authorized partner – R & W Media. Among several other directions the R & W Media Magento team does its best creating highly functional and good looking ecommerce websites from scratch and promotes its projects through multiple shopping channels.

How to Manage Stock Inventory in Magento 2: Quick Tutorial

To operate efficiently in the e-commerce field, store owners should rationally manage their stock inventories. Quantity of goods in a store should always be under control, and the Magento 2 sites are not the exception to the rule. In this article, we will describe how to manage stock inventory of a web store that runs on Magento 2. In general, Magento 2 provides users with two options of inventory management: controlling the whole stock through the General Inventory Settings and configuring each product in a store individually through the Advanced Inventory Settings. Let’s consider each type of the settings in more detail.
How To Configure Online Payment Methods in Magento 2: Quick Guide

How To Configure Online Payment Methods in Magento 2: Quick Tutorial

In addition to basic payment methods, Magento 2 helps you set up online payment methods offered by third-party companies. In this article, we will consider each method individually. The same as in the case with the configuration of basic payment methods, the configuration of every 3-d party payment method starts with choosing the Merchant Location option of your web store, in the Merchant Country field.
How To Configure Basic Payment Methods in Magento 2: Quick Tutorial

How To Configure Basic Payment Methods in Magento 2: Quick Tutorial

In this article, we’ll consider the basic payment methods supported by Magento 2 and describe how to configure them for a web store. Initially, Magento 2 supports several basic payment methods that do not require the services of third-party payment processing companies. To configure any of the methods, first, you should go to Stores in your Admin Panel and then open the Configuration section. From this section, you can start to set up the required method.