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Help Desk 2.2 Extension

Help Desk 2.2 Extension to Resolve Support Requests Faster with less effort

Poor customer experience can lead to a loss in business. 

As per a survey conducted by Hubspot, 80% of users stop engaging in online activities if they do not receive satisfactory customer service. 

Statistically speaking, this number is too big to ignore!

You need to focus on converting your customers into brand loyalists. 

How can you do that? Well, if you’re an eCommerce merchant and using Magento 2 as your platform, we have a solution for you. 

If used properly, you can retain up to 89% of customers. 

We aren’t asking you to spend thousands of dollars in extensive development work;  all we suggest is integrating an automated Help Desk system into your Magento 2 store. 

What are the advantages of a Help Desk extension?

Help Desk systems act as the backbone of any eCommerce business. With the right Help Desk tool, you can reduce the query processing time, avoid data losses and even analyze your team’s efficiency. 

Features like custom ticket forms, emails conversion to support tickets, setting up triggers to automate the workflow, sending notifications, and much more can make your customer query management easy and intuitive.

Here are some of the many advantages of Help Desk extension: 

  • Reduced time for processing a request with intelligent ticket prioritization
  • Quick response to general issues with innovative automated options
  • Delivering timely updates to customers (with automatic replies)
  • Gaining transparency on all the tickets in one place 

Wait! The advantages don't end here. Check out all about Aheadworks Help Desk Ultimate for Magento 2 here

And guess what! We have GOOD NEWS for you!

Aheadworks M2 Help Desk Ultimate’s  2.2.0 version released! 

We have focused on facilitating new features aimed at providing customers with excellent service! 

Here’s a quick look at the recent updates:

  • Ticket Rating added; intended for identifying solid points and correcting weak ones. Ratings are visible within the Tickets grid.
  • The ticket Status Changed feature allows you to track New, Open, Waiting for Customer, or Closed tickets.
  • Integration with RMA to render a quality return management service.
  • Tag Filtering improved, now with the option Ticket contains all selected tags.

If you’re already an AW user, update your M2 Help Desk Ultimate NOW to enjoy a convenient and highly assisting tool! 

You may update the extension via composer or your account.

Happy Satisfying your customer!