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Layered Navigation 2.3

Improved Layered Navigation 2.3 for Magento 2 to Custom Filters Effortlessly

Creating responsive and comprehensible navigation for a website can take hours and even days of your life. However, all the effort invested in it, worth it. Being skillfully supported, visitors will certainly find the desired item and purchase it. In fact, you can make this painstaking work much easier with a reliable assistant - a highly customizable Layered Navigation extension by Aheadworks.

What is Layered Navigation for Magento 2?

It is a module to make the process of searching and just surfing the website as easy as possible. Aheadworks team has developed it as a great solution for creating a professionally organized catalog navigation. By providing website visitors with highly configurable filters, you’ll maintain the order and feel all the advantages of the grateful audience.

How does Magento 2 Layered Navigation work?

It provides merchants with all necessary features, including the following ones:

  • Filter display modes for quick intuitive navigation;
  • Horizontal or vertical filter bar to fit in your website perfectly;
  • AJAX loading for displaying matching products right after filters are applied without reloading a whole page;
  • SEO improvements for driving more traffic to catalog pages.

The whole list of numerous extension features and benefits you can find on the product page.

In fact, the module development doesn't standstill. Literally, two weeks ago it was updated, earning a lot of useful features, and today we are proud to announce a new major update of the extension again! 

In this release, we focused on improving the most essential navigation aspects for both merchants and customers. Interested? Let’s explore it deeper!

  1. URLs are now even more SEO-friendly. To get you a better search engine ranking, we optimized the code of SEO URLs logic.
  2. Display filters only in the chosen category is a new option that behaves like an inverted version on "Exclude specific categories". It allows merchants to select a few categories were to show a filter. If a new category is added, the filter will not be displayed there until this category is not in the list of allowed ones.
  3. Merchants now have an option to add selected filters to the sidebar, making it in this way more intuitive from a UX perspective. Currently selected filter options to appear at the top of the filter column in different colors and there’s a possibility to remove them.
  4. Scrolling usage depends on block height for making it visible and easier to perceive accordingly.
  5. Users are proposed with better navigation by showing disabled facets as grey and moving them to the bottom of the list.

Update your Layered Navigation extension now to enjoy new features and options. You may do it directly in your account or via composer.