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Product Update Released | Company Accounts For Magento 2

Level up your B2B experience with Aheadworks B2B Company Accounts Extension for M2

Due to the dramatic impact, the pandemic had on consumer shopping behavior, the demand for digital tools has extended to B2B customers. Online shoppers have come to expect the same level of personalization, and intuitive buying experiences across all buying channels.

According to the Gartner predictions, 75% of B2B procurement spending will occur through online marketplaces within the next five years!  This way, the simplicity of doing business is likely to “create a butterfly effect on the e-commerce trend.”

And if you are here right now, your preferred platform for doing e-commerce business is most likely Magento. Aheadworks, a premier extension builder, develop B2B specific extensions that enable you to provide streamlined B2B experiences. Today we will focus on our bestselling B2B Company Accounts extension for Magento 2.

B2B Company Accounts business values:

  • Enable your corporate customers to trade with you like brands, retaining the identity of both the company and its representatives
  • Allow wholesale and retail customers to personalize their B2B experience with aggregated worldwide company accounts
  • Ensure company employees have appropriate roles and permissions within a corporate account
  • Let companies offer their employees a single corporate wallet, credit and rewards balance, and single discounts
  • Provide options for powerful enhancement of the present functionality to optimize corporate procurement and advance negotiations;
  • Respond to the evolving shopping trends of B2B customers by provisioning familiar B2C shopping experiences

Effective and easy corporate accounts management

With the new extension update, B2B Company Accounts management has become easier. With version 1.7.0, we have implemented the following:

1. Automatic approval of Company Users

When this option is enabled, company users can be automatically assigned to a company if the domains of the company and registered user match. The user gets a default role and has all permissions that are assigned to that role.


Automatic approval of Company Users | B2b Company Accounts Extension


2. Disabled registration for standard Magento customers

Enable/disable storefront registration for Customers or companies. If only a company is selected, the customer registration form is hidden, so that only company accounts can be created from the storefront. The ‘Create New Customer Account’ form is disabled, so customers can be created only from the backend.


Disabled registration for standard Magento customers | B2B Comapny Accounts Extension


3. Company admin has all permissions regardless of role

The company admin has all permissions no matter which role permissions he has. So, if permissions are changed in the role of company admin, these changes will not be applied to admin permissions.


Company admin has all permissions regardless of role | B2B Company Accounts Extension

You may find more information on B2B Company Accounts Extension for Magento 2 on our product page.