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Aheadworks Extensions | June Updates

Aheadworks Extensions: June Updates

Hey there! 

Hope you all had a great time enjoying the first month of summer. As we at Aheadworks had for sure.. preparing for you a bunch of classy extension updates. So please meet new and fresh Magento 2 extension releases from Aheadworks.

Magento 2 B2B Cart to Quote Extension | Aheadworks


+ Export of Quote proposal to PDF

+ Hide Request a Quote button from the cart

+ Attach a quote PDF to email notifications

+ Backorder support



* Redirection to the cart page occurs after clicking the 'Update Quote List' button

* Fixed issue with 'Comments and History' section

* Product sorting does not work in the quote

* Fixed issue with quote subtotal

Magento 2 Help Desk Ultimate Extension | Aheadworks


+ Expanded Tags section in the backend

+ Automation when a certain SKU is purchased



* Fixed issue with HTML in the contact form and coming emails

* Fixed issue with the processing of messages when the gateway is changed

Magento 2 Simple Bundle Product Extension | Aheadworks


+ Work with MSI disabled



* Bundle product doesn't go out of stock when default qty of kids is more than product qty

* The Simple Bundle Product is not "In stock" if kids have qty's setting "Manage stock = No"

* Incorrect price when one of the children is out of stock

Magento 2 Buildify Extension | Aheadworks


* Error occurs in the backend when product is updated

* Improved compatibility with M2 One Step Checkout

Magento 2 Blog Extension | Aheadworks


* Fixed issues for Magento Marketplace

* Fixed issues with blog routing logic

* JSON error occurs on category tree when an apostrophe is used in category name

* Saving a Blog post does not change the "modified date" column

* Editing/creating new categories in the admin panel on the stage starts endless loading

* Content isn't displayed as a required option on the Post page in the admin

Magento 2 Blog Extension | Aheadworks


* The value "Expiration Date" disappears after saving the gift card code

* It's impossible to apply a Gift Card code to an order when "Include tax amount into card value" is enabled

* Exception occurs on checkout page while Klarna payment is used

* It's impossible to place an order with PayPal if the option "Include tax amount into card value" is enabled.

* Block name is missing in the layout file

* Timezone parsing error is fixed

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