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Subscription Model

The First Strides To The Subscription Model: get acquainted with the recent changes

As it has been already announced, together with Magento Marketplace Aheadworks is switching to the subscription-based model. It is aimed at improving the service, providing our customers with up-to-date products combined with newer versions of Magento and updated security patches. The subscription model is intended to purvey quality product updates more regularly and improve support significantly.

And the first strides in the direction have already been made! 


The following aspects are subject to change:

  • The free support period is changing to 30 days;
  • The ‘no questions asked’ refund period is also amended to 30 days.


To learn more about policies that are now in affect, please, refer to the following articles:

Customer service: General information

Eligibility for refund

Product update

We have also published an updated version of End User License Agreement that will become effective on February 1, 2022. We want our customers to be fully aware of those changes that will come into play as we switch to the subscription-based model.

Let's take a step towards stable high-quality service together!

Stay tuned for more details.