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Aheadworks Extensions: January Updates 2023

Aheadworks Extensions: January Updates 2023

As an e-commerce business, staying ahead of the game is crucial for success. That's why we at Aheadworks are constantly working to improve our Magento 2 extensions and provide our customers with the latest features. And the last month wasn’t an exception - we have made a number of changes and improvements to our extensions that will help you enhance the functionality of your online store, improve customer experience, and boost sales.

In this post, we will be discussing the extension with major updates released in January:

So, let’s dive into new features overview together!


Now merchants can see an Order Note column in the Order grid, which allows them to see notes without clicking on each order.


The Trust Seals’ text can be formatted and stylized now with the help of HTML. As an example, it allows merchants to make text of Trust Seals written in bold.

Also, with the release the following issues have been fixed:

  • Checkout page clearance after deleting product from mini-cart
  • Error message appears on the checkout page after placing an order as a logged in customer
  • Error message appears on the checkout page after placing an order as a guest
  • Address default values not being used to show shipping methods
  • Billing address not being displayed for Paypal on Payment Page

To make the review import process more convenient we added an import via CSV option.


Now merchants can also import reviews from Yotpo, a content marketing platform that assists businesses in managing, collecting, and responding to customer feedback and reviews.


A feature to share the review with several different products on a review edit page has been added. With it, the same review can be displayed on the product pages that offer items of similar functionality or model.

We also fixed the issues related to:

  • Deleting tables after disabling the extension
  • Displaying the customer’s full name in the emails
  • The product page when image is removed from server
  • The Review Reminder emails on websites for which extension is disabled

The integration with ParadoxLabs payment module has been added. It allows first time and recurring payments for subscriptions to be made through Payment.

We’ve also fixed:

  • Issue with Stripe free payments
  • Issue with changing Braintree CC to Paypal in the guest subscription
  • Issue when edit subscription product from the shopping cart page
  • Issue with the "Subscription Profile ID" link in merged order if there are 2 identical subscriptions
  • Issue with the status of subscription for AuthorizeNet CIM
  • Issue with sending successful billing emails for AuthorizeNet CIM
  • Issue with purchasing any products via Multishipping Checkout
  • Issue with displaying an alternative payment method in the Order Confirmation emails

The Due Amount tab has been added to the Orders grid. It helps to identify the amount the customer owes after a partial refund.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Adding a customer with an overdue order to a company
  • Displaying the Net30 discount in email when it's zero
  • Issue with email notifications
  • Displaying the customer name when the quote is ordered

Now there’s an option to show categories and articles to specific customer groups.


To prevent search engines from indexing disabled categories, they are not included in the sitemap now.

Remember, you can easily update your extensions in the "My Projects And Licenses" tab in your "My Account" area. As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help.