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Top 7 Magento 2 Administration Extensions for Managing your Business

Top 7 Magento 2 Administration Extensions for Managing your Business

Since 2020  eCommerce continues to grow exponentially. If you’re looking for answers as to why read on to explore the contributing factors.

The pandemic forced small businesses to go online, creating eCommerce stores to reach customers. As per the experts, there has never been a better time to take any business online; because the users online saw a spiked increase during the lockdown. And the traffic since then has been on an all-time high.

If you are on a journey of becoming a successful online merchant we have curated a list of top-rated administration extensions for your Magento store. The list consists of Magento 2 extensions that can help you ace your customer service and grow your eCommerce business most professionally. 

Let’s begin!

Enticing customers to subscribe to online services or products has never been easier! With the Aheadworks Advanced Subscription extension, you can enable the functionality to subscribe on products; developing consistent revenue streams for your online business. 

One of the major issues this Magento Subscription and Recurring Payments Extension resolves is building a strong foundation of recurring revenue!  It also reduces the customer acquisition expense and helps in building long-term relationships with customers.

How are Magento recurring sales helpful?

  • Motivates initial purchases with discounts and trials 
  • Lowers expenses on clients acquisition 
  • Boosts profits by turning one-time sales into recurring
  • Freedom of choice to purchase with combinations of one-off products and subscriptions 
  • Covers any business demand by creating custom subscription plans
  • Keep subscribers updated about their order/billing status and more.

To draft a successful store strategy, it is important to have transparency into the decisive key performance indicators (KPIs). Having these insights will allow you to thoroughly study customer behavior, check on weak sales points, and make judicious business decisions. 

Making use of the advanced report builder extension on your Magento store can help you gain clarity around all metrics to make accurate business predictions and strategic decisions. 

How useful is Magento 2 Advanced Reports Extension?

  • Transparency to store performance data
  • Gain insights into customer demand to grow sales
  • Strategize better based on accurate reporting
  • Run all essential sales reports under one tool
  • Get unique data selection with custom reports
  • Enable out of stock notification for inventory management
  • Get reports in various formats (PNG, PDF, SVG, and more)

Refunding for online purchases can be a nightmare for a few merchants. If you process the refunding, the mere cost of doing so (paperwork, transaction commission) may cost you your profit. But what if we way that using a store credit extension will help you settle refunds in seconds. 

The in-store credit in the form of refunds can help you gain credibility, satisfy your customer and speed up your customer services as well.

Benefits of Store Credit & Refund Extension

  • Give real-time credits on users’ currency
  • Settle refunds & give credits in seconds
  • Helps to increase customer satisfaction
  • Retain unsatisfied customers for repeat purchases
  • Increased number of repeated purchases 
  • Keep funds in-store credits (to be used during checkout)

One of the reasons why online shopping became so popular was due to the comforts of purchasing a product, getting it at the desired address, and returning it from the same place; if not required! Product return management is one of the imperative factors considered by modern shoppers. Poor RMA can affect your sales and ultimately customer loyalty. 

You must also note, 86% of online shoppers pay attention to the return policy conditions.

With Aheadworks Magento 2 RMA, you can build the desired return policy that meets your requirements and satisfies your consumer as well.

Why choose the RMA Extension for Magento 2?

  • Improved return management workflow
  • Reduced return processing time
  • Outstanding UX with quick and simple return requests
  • Helps in achieving impeccable after-sale support
  • Easy store transparency for admin with alerts & reports
  • Availability of custom RMA requests, resolutions, reasons, etc

Customer service is one of the crucial parts of store administration. Be it offline or online; you must achieve or maintain a certain customer experience that helps you retain customers. As per surveys, more than 76% of customers tend to rate a brand/company based on its customer service. 

How do you achieve high-level customer service and meet their expectations? You can do it easily by implementing an organized ticket management system. 

If you’re a small or medium-sized eCommerce company; you can save your time and money by smartly automating your support tasks. With a help desk extension, you can manage and prioritize tickets (requests) with an effective issue tracker.

Benefits of Helpdesk for Magento 2 for Administrators

  • Resolve support requests faster with less effort
  • Customizable ticket-submissions forms 
  • Easy pre-sales and post-sales issue management 
  • Customer-centered experience
  • Attain customer loyalty 
  • Spam-free ticket box
  • Time-saving automation

B2B businesses are embracing the culture of online stores and representing eCommerce more corporately. With a deal between two companies/businesses, clear communication, transparency, and professionalism put the foundation of long-term relationships. 

Often, account managers or product managers from large businesses handle the ordering on behalf of the companies. It can be challenging to reach an agreement on what should be ordered; especially when choosing a vendor for long-term distribution. 

With B2B company accounts you can organize your B2B experience and simplify the corporate shopping. Admin can manage all the order approvals along with creating custom sub-accounts with clear permissions and boundaries.

How B2B Company Accounts will help your Magento 2 store?

  • Seamless account creations with all essential details
  • Get full control of creating roles for company accounts
  • Flexible permissions for account users 
  • Familiar user experience (the usual B2C one)
  • Deliver smooth B2B shopping experience
  • Simplified wholesale purchasing

If you’re one of those online eCommerce stores that organize events for themselves or clients, you need to up your event administration and ticket management game. 

Event tickets for Magento 2 can be used to manage single-time events, book multiple time slots of a recurring event and offer special products available exclusively on the purchase. This way you'll have more time to make sure that your next spectacular show/event lives up to all expectations!

Get more customers by selling tickets for your events with the Magento Event Tickets extension. Not only does this M2 extension help in selling tickets, but this feature-rich module will also help track sale and registration data, so you can focus on marketing professionally!

Why prefer Magento 2 Event Tickets extension?

  • Easy extraction, importing, and exporting of available data
  • Automatically create unique QR codes for each event/ticket
  • Get pre-defined designs of ticket types 
  • Send email reminders of ticket booking/upcoming events
  • Easily gather and manage information about event visitors
  • Real-time tracking of issued/canceled/remaining tickets


Administration extensions can help you plan, organize and run an online store swiftly. They’re undoubtedly your go-to tools to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your business. As mentioned above, each of these extensions offers insights into your store’s administration metrics such as orders, security, analytics, and much more.

Above listed Magento 2 extensions for administration are stealers. For other M2 extensions visit Aheadworks M2 extension store here.