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New Coupon Code Generator for Magento 2: Create Smart and Compelling Incentives

Coupons are widely used in Magento and common for e-commerce in general. But, this widespread popularity poses a great challenge demanding efficient use of coupons to overcome the existing tough competition. We can list a lot of time approved coupon best practices known and employed by multiple sellers e.g. coupons rewarding new customers, coupons for regular loyal shoppers, the ones convincing hesitant store visitors, coupons promoting newly launched products, holiday season coupons and many others. But, how can we stand out of the crowd with the offers we have?

Pop-ups Use Best Practices

Using pop-ups is a controversial marketing and sales tactic requiring accurate evaluation of all pros and cons, necessary conditions and correct timing. On the one hand, pop-ups are the most annoying type of advertising and simultaneously one of the most noticeable elements of a web site. If you decide to use pop-ups in your store, you should be ready to find out that narrow, leaving no room for error way to more sales, subscriptions, and customers.
cup "...We Partnered Directly with Aheadworks for Their Highly Rated Extensions"

Nothing makes a provider pleased more than happy and successful customers, and below we present the next success story in our blog. The story started years ago, but continues till our time with the deserved success of – the U.S. online office coffee service provider. Today the company celebrates its 20-th anniversary and makes optimistic plans for the future.
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New Popup Pro for Magento 2: Capture Customers' Attention

Despite the controversial opinion on pop-up notifications and promotions, it is definitely the shortest way to deliver the necessary content to visitors. Properly targeted and scheduled pop-ups are able to draw visitors’ attention and bring them valuable information. From the very beginning of the visit to your store you can let customers know about e.g. the latest available collections, current sales and other benefits.

8 New Magento 2 Extensions by Nucleus in Our Catalog

Magento 2 continues to gather momentum, and the entire community continues to follow it. Recently, we partnered with Nucleus Commerce – a software company dedicated to creating solutions for merchants on the Magento platform. Through our partnership with Nucleus, we added 8 extensions to our portfolio. These Magento 2 plugins are now available in our store.