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Magento 2 Cart to Quote Use Case

Magento 2 Cart to Quote Use Case: Auto-Approval of Requests for Quotes

Aheadworks M2 Cart To Quote The extension offers the option to activate an auto-acceptance mode for quotes. This mode maintains the front-end functionality of the extension without alteration. Customers can continue to send requests for quotes (RFQ) as usual. Simultaneously, all RFQs are automatically designated as "Accepted" status with no discount quoted.

Sell Subscriptions with Advanced Subscription Products for Magento 2

Business Cases: How to Sell Subscriptions with Advanced Subscription Products for Magento 2

We've all been there – the constant struggle of acquiring new customers can feel like an uphill battle. And let's face it, it can cost a pretty penny – up to 5 times more, in fact, than retaining existing customers. But there’s a way to help you ease this challenge while bringing in a steady stream of revenue: selling subscriptions online. That's where Advanced Subscription Products for Magento 2 comes in.

Magento 2 restrict certain payment method of Adobe Payment Services from specific customer group

Payment Restrictions for Adobe Payment Services: Control the Visibility of Payment Options

As your business grows, you may come across a particular challenge: the abundance of available payment methods. In certain cases, you might find it necessary to delete specific Adobe Payment methods for certain customer groups. In this case, you'll need a reliable extension that not only hides certain payment methods for specific customer groups during checkout but also ensures they are hidden on the product pages.

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5+ Gateways of Recurring Payments

Aheadworks starts the season with a burst of two consecutive releases of updates to the Advanced Subscription Products, a best-selling extension for Magento 2 stores. The success of the module feeds on the company’s keeping pace with the latest trends on the market of alternative payment methods. Ahead of innovations, we are constantly trying to predict what the future looks like.