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Top 3 Cross-Selling Scenarios in Magento 2 eCommerce

Top 3 Cross-Selling Scenarios in Magento 2 eCommerce

The Add Free Product to Cart extension by Aheadworks facilitates powerful cross-selling scenarios for Magento 2 stores. It helps online merchants build rule-governed promos which suggest customers free or discounted products in response to their topping-up the Cart. Such scenarios are meant to increase both customer retention and average order value. It is time we show some real-life use-cases of Add Free Product to Cart and expand on the scenarios in use by the extension
Magento 2 Company Accounts: Use Cases

Magento 2 Company Accounts: Use Cases

The Company Accounts extension by Aheadworks helps online vendors and their B2B customers interact as brands. The module allows creating and managing company accounts, defining roles for company members and setting restrictions on these roles. We would like to present some real-life use cases from our partners which the Magento 2 Company Accounts module helps resolve
Magento 2 Blog Use Cases

Magento 2 Blog Use Cases

Here at Aheadworks we fully realize that a blog is not only a SEO or community building tool for an online store. It is high time you advance your Magento 2 blog to include features which will transform it into a successful sales and promotion mechanism. We are happy to show in this post how Magento 2 Blog extension by Aheadworks can reach these aims.
FREE elati. Magento 2 Theme

FREE elati. Magento 2 Theme with Purchase of One Step Checkout

Aheadworks, TemplateMonster and Zemez have teamed up to bring an incredible deal to all M2 Merchants: free Magento 2 theme of 4 design options with any One Step Checkout purchase. ADDITIONALLY, we complement the bundle for free with Payment Restrictions, the new extension boasting spiraling popularity! Impressive, to say the least, our team debut is to power up your M2 stores with cutting-edge web-design and broad-spectrum functionality to stand beyond competition.
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All Halloween Summer Abundance: harvesting generous discounts from Aheadworks!

We could have run a regular Halloween sale, as we have already done, as we will of course do sometime in the future, but the fanciful weather of the period, the pleasant course of revival, warmth and gold, prompts to share now. It’s fall time after all. In harmony with nature Aheadworks brings the prices down.

Company Accounts for Magento 2 extension to spur your presence in B2B

To be or B2B? A timely question, indeed, in the face of the growing consumerization of B2B eCommerce. Good news – it is not the ‘Hamlet’s dilemma’, and you do not have to be a supplier only in order to sell B2B. Many Magento 2 vendors are both B2B and B2C, and many of these vendors even use their same homepage for each audience, segmenting customer groups into individual merchant accounts and company accounts.
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5 Gateways of Recurring Payments

Aheadworks starts the season with a burst of two consecutive releases of updates to the Advanced Subscription Products, a best-selling extension for Magento 2 stores. The success of the module feeds on the company’s keeping pace with the latest trends on the market of alternative payment methods. Ahead of innovations, we are constantly trying to predict what the future looks like.