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6 must-have Magento 2 Content Management Extensions

6 must-have Magento 2 Content Management Extensions

Content is considered to be the brand pillar of eCommerce businesses. High-quality content attracts new customers, builds brand awareness, and generates leads. That’s why a lot of world-famous brands invest a lot in content management and benefit from it, building long-term trustful relationships with the audience.

However, before reaping the benefits, one has to start producing the content. Ecommerce content includes tutorials, social media posts, useful attachments, product descriptions, and blog posts. All this stuff should be published regularly and contain only useful information. Today we’ll discuss the top 6 Magento 2 extensions for successful content management. 

Let’s get acquainted with them:

One of the most powerful marketing tools in eCommerce is a blog. It is used to attract more target shoppers to your online store by supplying them with necessary information about your products and services, news and promo campaigns, useful updates, and so on. 

But a quality blog should be managed right. It’s the reason why Blog for Magento 2 by Aheadworks exists. It enables merchants to add useful content, make it visually appealing for the audience, create categories, classify topics, schedule blogs, employ SEO configuration, etc.

Why Choose Blog for Magento 2 by Aheadworks?

  • Create blog content effortlessly with WYSIWYG, Page Builder, or Buildify.
  • Increase posts credibility with authorship tools.
  • Enjoy guaranteed responsiveness on any device with PWA Studio support.
  • Communicate with customers thanks to DISQUS comment service integration.
  • Drive more traffic by utilizing comprehensive modern SEO settings.

The best way to guide customers through the Magento webstore catalog is by granting advanced permissions. Customer Group Catalog Permissions for Magento 2, maintains seamless navigation around the website by enabling merchants to hide categories, individual products, CMS pages from any customer group both individually and massively. It is especially helpful to differentiate retailers and wholesalers, guest-users and registered ones, etc. 

The extension upholds a customer-oriented service by managing the visibility of the specified store catalog elements based on the customer group. As a result, customers enjoy wise navigation through the catalog, while merchants create a clear connection with the shoppers showing them only dedicated content.

Why Choose Customer Group Catalog Permissions for Magento 2?

  • Divide catalog content between different customer groups.
  • Hide products, categories, CSM pages from specific customer groups.
  • Redirect shoppers to any pages.
  • Change add to cart button on the customized text.
  • Manage permissions individually in a bulk.

One more extension used for educational purposes is Product Downloads for Magento 2. The extension enables merchants to include detailed specifications, manuals, video tutorials, and other attachment files to the product pages. The free downloadable educational staff will encourage users to purchase, making them confident in the quality and available options of the product use. 

With Product Downloads the variety of customization options are available: add products in bulk, via an URL or pre-uploaded files section, define the place on the product page to display downloads, add, change or delete icons, track the number of downloads per file, etc. It’s a good way to increase customer retention and build trusting relationships.

Why Choose Product Downloads for Magento 2 by Aheadworks?

  • Upload files of various types.
  • Import/export files in bulk.
  • Attach any number of files to a product.
  • Assign the file to multiple products.
  • Add premade icons for files.

How to keep your customers aware of the promo campaigns on your Magento-based store? Default Magento widgets and strips are not enough to draw buyers’ attention, while catchy customizable banners do the work well. They engage visitors in promos with their dynamic behavior and cross-store-view functionality. 

Rich Banner Slider for Magento 2 is a perfect tool to create multi-slide, multi-language, multi-store banners with configurable images, animations, location and timing settings, etc. The possibility to analyze the performance of each banner with the key statistics allows merchants to improve banners sliders constantly depending on customers’ tastes.

Why Choose Rich Banner Slider for Magento 2?

  • Create appealing banner sliders with attractive overlays.
  • Analyze each banner slider performance with the key statistics.
  • Display banners on any page of the store and choose the most winning position on the page.
  • Configure banner sliders for the best experience across devices and store views.

High-quality service includes complete customer support on their way of using webstore products and services. Answering frequently asked questions helps to optimize support team workflow and arrange searchable information. Besides, the section increases search engine optimization efficiency.

FAQ for Magento 2 can help you create comprehensible and attractive FAQ pages with clear structure and quick navigation thanks to articles by categories, elasticsearch and chatbot features. Helpfulness rating will define the most useful articles, while view permissions will specify their target audience.

Why Choose FAQ for Magento 2?

  • Enact ChatBot to provide all relevant information within a second.
  • Determine article helpfulness rating.
  • Add images to categories and articles to make it more visually appealing.
  • Define customer groups to have access to the articles.
  • Employ all essential SEO configuration options.

You must agree that basic content tools are not enough when it comes to creating a website. It should look extremely good and reflect your ideas, mission, and the brand itself. Buildify for Magento 2 is a drag-and-drop page builder with a wide range of pre-build content widgets and ready-to-use templates to design beautiful custom pages and content blocks fast without messing with the code. The extension guarantees complete responsiveness, making website pages look perfect on any device. Besides, the extension has quick and intuitive navigation with a convenient search bar and structured elements tree. Want to create incredible designs but have poor coding skills? Buildify is your tool then.

Why Choose Buildify for Magento 2 by Aheadworks?

  • Create a website effortlessly with drag-and-drop widgets.
  • Customize style, layout, and other options without any coding.
  • Save time with pre-arranged templates.
  • Enjoy guaranteed responsiveness on any device.


To stay competitive any eCommerce business should create content that connects business to customers and vice versa. So here high-quality, content management tools are playing a crucial role, making the content more diverse and compelling. And Aheadworks is happy to supply our clients with such tools to help your business achieve the set goals, and even more.