Customer Group Catalog Permissions for Magento 2
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Customer Group Catalog Permissions for Magento 2

Guide customers through catalog by managing their permissions.

    • Divide catalog content between wholesalers and retailers
    • Hide CMS pages from the specified customer groups
    • Redirect your customers to any pages
    • Show customized text messages instead of hidden price and/or add to cart button
    • Apply permissions individually and in bulk
Current extension version: 1.0.6 | Compatibility: CE 2.3.X - 2.4.X EE 2.3.X - 2.4.X
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How Magento 2 Customer Group Catalog Permissions works

With this Magento 2 advanced permissions module, you can divide catalog between specified customer groups keeping website performance streamlined. In particular, it is possible to hide categories, individual products, CMS pages from any customer group both individually and massively.

Also, you can hide price and ‘add to cart’ buttons and replace them with customizable text messages. Finally, this Magento 2 user permissions extension allows you to assign redirect pages for those customers who are allowed to access some hidden website content.

With flexible content visibility conditions, you can provide customer-oriented shopping services by selling products to different purchaser groups.

What makes our Customer Group Catalog Permissions for Magento 2 winning

For merchants


Hide categories, CMS pages, and individual products from specific customer groups
Manage your product catalog visibility as follows:
  • Hide particular categories from particular customer groups and redirect them to any website page;
  • Hide certain CMS pages and configure redirect pages, thus, allowing retailers, wholesalers, and other customer groups to view the appropriate content;
  • Display individual products for selected client groups to avoid any confusion for improper customers.


Redirect customers from hidden categories, CMS pages, and individual product pages
Provide customers with the seamless purchasing process as the Magento 2 category permissions extension lets you:
  • Configure desirable page URL’s (both absolute and relative) instead of hidden categories, CMS pages, or individual product pages.


Hide product price and/or add to cart button blocks and replace them with customized text messages

Customers may just leave your store and go to your competitors if they have trouble purchasing products from you. In particular, if product prices or ‘add to cart’ buttons are hidden and not replaced with some appropriate content explaining them how can make a purchase, our extension allows you to:
  • Show customized text messages instead of hidden product price and/ or ‘add to cart’ buttons (for example, instead of a hidden price, you can insert the following text message: ‘To continue purchasing, please log in’).


Manage permissions massively
With our Magento 2 Customer Group Catalog Permissions extension, you can:
  • Quickly and easily create an unlimited number of permissions or delete all the recently created ones at a time.
In comparison with native Magento 2 solution
Key FeaturesSolution by AheadworksNative Magento 2 Solution
Open SourceCommerceOpen SourceCommerce
Hide categories per customer group individually and in bulkOnly individually
Hide products per customer group individually and in bulkOnly individually
Hide CMS pages per customer group individually and in bulkOnly individually
Hide prices per customer group
Hide add to cart buttons per customer group
Redirect customers to any pages(inner or outer)Only inner
Replace prices and add to cart buttons with customized text messages
Apply permissions in bulk
Delete permissions in bulk

Magento 2 Catalog Permissions Extension Detailed Feature List

General permission settings

  • Set general permissions per store view
  • Hide/display all categories, products, and CMS pages from/for all or selected customer groups
  • Configure required page URL’s for redirect (absolute and relative URL support)
  • Hide product prices and/or ‘add to cart’ buttons
  • Display customized text messages (using HTML tags) instead of hidden product price and/or ‘add to cart’ buttons

Individual permission settings

  • Set individual permissions per store view
  • Hide category, product, or CMS pages from individual customer groups
  • Create/edit customized text messages (using HTML tags) instead of hidden product prices and/or ‘add to cart’ buttons depending on the individual category or product
  • Use parent permissions
  • Set permissions for any product type

Mass permission settings

  • Performance-optimized design
  • Create an unlimited number of permissions or delete all the recently created ones at a time
  • Step-by-step permission configuration
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  • 1.0.6
    Released 16.03.2021
    * Fixed issue for Magento Marketplace
  • 1.0.5
    Released 31.08.2020
    * Fixed issues with Magento 2.4 compatibility
  • 1.0.4
    Released 24.04.2020
    * Magento 2.3.4 compatibility issue
    * Restricted product is still visible for registered customers
  • 1.0.3
    Released 01.04.2020
    * Fixed issue when it's impossible to create multiple permission instances for one product
    * Error appears when hiding child product with the lowest price
    * Fixed Elasticsearch 6 compilation error
    * When parent category ID greater than child, child permissions do not work correctly
    * Visitor isn't redirected to the page after clicking 'Static pages'
    * Price of configurable products isn't displayed when only "Adding to Cart" isn't allowed
    * Fixed issue when 'Add to cart' button is displayed for products related to category with permissions
    * Fixed issue with 'Hide from everyone' option

  • 1.0.2
    Released 05.03.2019
    * Fixed issue when the main menu isn't displayed correctly on a Home page
    * Flat catalog compatibility
    * Minor UI adjustments

  • 1.0.0
    Released 09.08.2018
    *Initial release
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