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B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2
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B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2

Manage corporate accounts from the admin panel and enable customers to create companies from the storefront.

Current extension version: 1.12.0 | Compatibility: Open Source 2.4.4 - 2.4.6; Commerce 2.4.4 - 2.4.6
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Marketplace Approved



GraphQL Available

GraphQL Available

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It’s hard to imagine B2B e-commerce without long-term and on-going relationships between big and small businesses that are presented as different companies. It happens quite often that multiple employees manage the ordering on behalf of the companies. As a result, there is a need to merge these separate accounts into individual companies. Otherwise, B2B customer accounts will be scattered throughout the database, suffering from the lack of wise management and efficient communication. What’s more, B2B sellers lack visibility - how frequently that client company makes purchases, and what is the revenue.


Organize your B2B experience, with customer companies getting structured representation within the store. First, collect all the necessary details about business agencies at the moment of registration and decide whether to approve a company or not. Once the company is approved its admin can create as many departments with sub-accounts as he wants and assign clear role boundaries and permissions, creating a clear hierarchy within their company account. Moreover, the admin can even control company orders by approving orders made by other employees on behalf of the company.

Provide smooth B2B shopping experience

Increase customer lifetime value by allowing companies to create multiple staff accounts within your store. Allow company admin to manage sub-accounts, edit personal information and assign user roles to company members. Maintain your sales strategy by monitoring customers’ purchase history and orders placed by other company members. Assign credits to companies, allow requests for quotes, enable customers to create requisition lists, and more with Company Accounts integration with multiple B2B extensions. 

Company Account setup

Company Account setup

Create and edit company accounts either on the front or backend. Indicate all the essential details of a company, like VAT id, legal address, company administrator, and more. Enable administrators to share addresses with sub-accounts, minimizing the potential for errors when entering address information. Notify users of the company status changes and other significant events via email.

Flexible permissions

Flexible permissions

Let clients be in full control of creating roles and establishing permissions for account users. Company admin can adjust the level of access of employees according to their responsibilities. Specify a default user role to be assigned to newly created users. 

B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2
‘1 parent - multiple children’ structure

‘1 parent - multiple children’ structure

Company admins can add as many children accounts as needed, assigning business roles, and managing the status of the users. Indicate domains that belong to a certain company to allow new company users whose emails are within these domains to be automatically associated with the company account.

B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2
Familiar user experience

Familiar user experience

Registered company representatives experience the usual B2C functionality to make purchases, claim refunds, and manage company account attributes. Run effective marketing campaigns assigning users to particular customer groups, so they can experience the same marketing activities as usual users.

B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2
Simplified wholesale purchasing

Simplified wholesale purchasing

Allow businesses to monitor and approve orders and quotes, use reward points within the company. The best B2B practices are achieved thanks to extra benefits such as configurable payment and shipping methods, total company credit balance, easy reorders, and dedicated sales managers, provided by integration with other B2B modules.

B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2
Change Company Admin

Change Company Admin

The "Change Admin" button offers a convenient way to swiftly alter the company admin, streamlining the administrative process.

B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2


Company Users grid

Company admins can edit the details of the users, and quickly update their status in a single grid.

Shared discounts

The same amount of discounts is assigned to all partners within a company.

Admin actions

Customize roles and permissions, change the status of company members and see all company users’ orders.


Import companies and company users via CSV file.

Shared address

Share shipping and billing address with company sub-accounts to reduce errors and streamline the checkout process.

Company Hierarchy

Establish a company structure and assign sub-accounts to different departments based on their respective job titles.


Enjoy WebAPI support out of the box.

Management tools

As a store admin, reassign users between companies, manage Company registration form, edit company info, view companies’ orders history, assign customer groups for company users.

Enable company admins to engage more colleagues in negotiations and achieve win-win deals.

Collect all reward points earned by child users on the company’s account and specify the spending limit of reward points for different user roles.

Assign sales representatives to companies to deal with sales and negotiation.

Set a total credit balance for a company, permissions to the view credit balance, and restrictions on operations with it.

Choose payment methods and shipping options for various customer groups.

Specify credit limit to company accounts and differentiate customer and company credit accounts.

Share requisition lists between company sub-accounts.

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Back-end demo
Front-end demo
  • 1.12.0
    Released 01.04.2024
    + Company hierarchy
    + Units for company hierarchy
  • 1.11.1
    Released 06.03.2024
    * Fixed issue with styles for integration with Sales Representative
  • 1.11.0
    Released 19.12.2023
    + An option to share address within the company account
    + Side panel
    + 'Orders' and 'Company Users' tabs are added to the Side panel
    * Fixed issue with a ZIP code for optional country
  • 1.10.0
    Released 19.09.2023
    + Possibility to Change the Company Admin
    + GraphQL update
    + WebAPI support
    + Added an "Email" column in the Company Administrator change request
    + Orders grid improvement
    * Fixed issue with sorting the Company and Status columns in the Customers grid
    * Fixed issue when opening shared Requisition Lists
    * Fixed issue with generating empty queries
    * Fixed issue with blocked customer logins if the AheadWorks_Ca extension is disabled
    * Fixed issue with sending emails to one company admin after approving companies
    * Fixed issue after importing company account for Magento 246-p1
  • 1.9.0
    Released 13.06.2023
    + GraphQL support
    + Import company users
    + Import companies from CSV
    + Disable extension per website
    + History Log: Added new records for some actions
    + Removed empty "Attention" popup if the "Email" field is cleared in edit mode
    * Fixed issue after trying to save a user if the First/Last name contains special characters
  • 1.8.3
    Released 09.02.2023
    * Fixed issue with design related to the Permissions tree
    * Fixed issue with displaying the sidebar on the new company page
    * Fixed issue with sorting by Entity ID for the History Log
    * Fixed issue with displaying the new or previous domain statuses in emails after a change
  • 1.8.2
    Released 30.12.2022
    * Fixed issue with filtering by IP address for the History Log
    * Fixed issue with success message appearing after unassigning company's admin from a company
    * Fixed issue with an incorrect external URL in an email from a different store view
    * Fixed issue with filtering
    * Fixed issue with the "New company approved" mail that supports multi store setup
    * Fixed issue with displaying countries in the grid on the admin and edit page
    * Fixed issue with the inability to create a company user after enabling prefix and making tax var number mandatory
    * Fixed issue with missing "Delete Company" method
    * Fixed issue with the quote creating from the cart when it isn't set for the company
    * Fixed issue if date of birth is required
  • 1.8.1
    Released 16.12.2022
    * Fixed issue with the "My Subscriptions" page after enabling History Log for Sarp2
  • 1.8.0
    Released 13.12.2022
    + History log
    + Unassign/Remove a customer from company at admin
    + Roles to manage subscriptions for accounts from the frontend
    + Manage Roles and Permissions for accounts from the backend
    * Fixed issue with conflict with Sarp2 for Magento 2.4.4/2.4.5
  • 1.7.3
    Released 01.06.2022
    + Added new input field for additional information
    * Fixed issue with compilation for Magento 2.4.4
    * Fixed issue with displaying a grid of company domains for Magento 2.4.4
    * Fixed issue with displaying the сompany status in "Company Status Changed" emails for Magento 2.4.4
    * Fixed issue with design on the Orders page for Magento 2.4.4
  • 1.7.2
    Released 17.03.2022
    + Declarative schema upgrade
  • 1.7.1
    Released 18.10.2021
    +Integration with Private Catalog 1.0.0
  • 1.7.0
    Released 05.07.2021
    + Approve Company Users automatically
    + Disable registration for standard Magento customers
    + Company Admin has all permissions disregarding of his role
    * Improved compatibility with Magento 2.4
    * Incorrect theme is set on the company creation page
    * Only "View Transactions" check-box can be clicked
    * When a user declines other user's quote, changes in "Shipping Address" are reflected in "History Log" tab
    * Improved compatibility with M2 Sales Representative
  • 1.6.0
    Released 12.03.2021
    + Order approval by company admin
    + Filtration and sorting are added to My Orders grid in customer account
    + Additional email notifications related to domains can be configured
    + Additional email notifications when a customer is assigned to the company can be configured
    * M2 Cart to Quotes integration improvements
    * M2 One Step Checkout integration improvements
    * Fixed issues for Magento Marketplace
  • 1.5.1
    Released 18.02.2021
    + Compatibility with Magento 2.4.2
    * Company Accounts Configuration page is empty
    * Company can be created with existing domain
    * Fixed error that occurs during csv import on the order grid with a filter applied
    * Data of deleted user are absent on the order page
    * User isn't added to the company when one's created on the Create New Order page
    * It' impossible to add a specific domain into domain preferences
    * Fixed issue with filers on the Customers grid
  • 1.5.0
    Released 04.01.2021
    + Customization of Company Account creation form
    + Assigning users with the same domain to a company automatically
    + Restrict domains for auto-assigning
    + Company admin can create an account as B2C user If a company account is declined
    + Support native ReCaptcha for Company submission form
    + Phone Number is not a mandatory field for Sub-account form
    + Email notification is sent when Company Admin adds a new domain
    + Integration with Sales Representative: some options have been renamed and hints have been added
    * Fixed issue when links created for 'Add new user' or 'Add new role' buttons do not take into account base url changes
    * Fixed translation issues
  • 1.4.0
    Released 26.10.2020
    + Added feature to display Company name in Order and Invoice details
    + Integration with Aheadworks Reward Points
    * Fixed issue when Quote can be created even if it isn't set for company
    * Minor UI adjustments
    * Fixed issue when State/Province column displays numbers in 'Companies' grid
  • 1.3.2
    Released 12.10.2020
    * Fixed issue when filters don't work in Customers grid if Company Accounts module is enabled on the store
  • 1.3.1
    Released 12.08.2020
    * Fixed issue of wrong Sales Representative IDs when creating company accounts via API.
  • 1.3.0
    Released 06.04.2020
    + Integration with Aheadworks B2B Requisition List
    * Сompatibility issue with Aheadworks B2B Company Credit
  • 1.2.0
    Released 27.02.2020
    + Integration with Aheadworks B2B Company Credit
  • 1.1.1
    Released 27.01.2020
    * Error appears while trying to export a file in the 'Companies' tab

  • 1.1.0
    Released 22.01.2020
    + Additional default roles
    + Integration with Payment Restrictions
    + 'Default Role' option can be set up on 'Edit Role' page
    + Added 'Allowed Payment Methods' column to Companies grid
    * Fixed issue with 'Add New Role' option
    * Fixed issue when a company's administrator can be deleted in Admin
    * Removed 'Edit' button for users with "New User (default)" role
    * Improved work of 'Payment methods' filtering
    * Fixed issue when disabled payment methods are present in 'Payment Methods' multiselect
  • 1.0.0
    Released 15.10.2019
    * Initial release

Product Questions

When do registration, is the company domain can be asked?
Question by: Marcel on May 11, 2021, 6:52 AM
When creating a company from scratch (that is when working on the New Company page), you will first have to save the company and then edit it to add company domains.
Answer by: Julia Gorobets (Admin) on Apr 21, 2022, 7:55 AM
Can it be added more field in the Company Information Customization Form? For example: a radio button based question.
Question by: Julia Gorobets on Apr 21, 2022, 8:50 AM
To customize the New Company form, you can do the following:
rename the fields, shuffle the fields to the desired order, enable or disable fields, set fields as "Required".
Answer by: Julia Gorobets (Admin) on Apr 21, 2022, 8:52 AM
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