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7 must-have Magento 2 Extensions to Boost your B2B business

B2B business management has never been a piece of cake. However, for the last decade, it has become even more sophisticated due to growing competition and customer needs. For reaching success in B2B commerce, four key areas should be focused on: increasing the visitors’ traffic, converting visitors into customers, encouraging them to purchase more, and finally raising their prices. 

Aheadworks brings all of these key areas into focus, in this curated list of B2B extensions to launch and manage a successful business. 

In this article, we will review the 7 best B2B commerce solutions to boost sales and increase revenue. Let’s review them!

In B2B business personalized approach is crucial, as working with different customer groups, retailers and wholesalers, requires different pricing strategies to be adopted. 

Private Catalogs for Magento 2 is a unique module for creating separate catalogs for customer segments allowing merchants to reach the most profitable deal with different customer groups. Within private catalogs, functionality merchants are able to make Magento products only visible to certain customer groups or restrict products by customer groups, change or hide prices, propose quotes, and so on. 

Merchants can also enable or disable products right from the catalog edit page, quickly and effortlessly. Moreover, the segmentation between public and private catalogs is directed to convert Magento guest customers into registered customers, evoking loyalty and boosting your sales.

Why choose Magento 2 Private Catalogs extension?

  • Create private catalogs with custom prices and products visible only to assigned customer groups
  • Hide prices and the “Add to cart” button 
  • Assign logged-in users to private catalogs and customize a public catalog for the not-logged-in visitors
  • Change prices on a catalog level in bulk without the need to edit prices on each product level

You can learn more about the extension on the product page.

Any business usually assumes multiple company representatives to communicate and order on behalf of a company. Managing these orders could be challenging for b2b merchants especially when it comes to the visibility of the company’s purchases. 

Get companies structured representation within the store with B2B Company Accounts extension for Magento 2. Select trustworthy companies and assign subaccounts and their permissions to the company account they belong to. 

Also, you can assign credits to companies, allow requests for quotes, enable customers to create requisition lists, and more with Company Accounts integration with multiple Aheadworks  B2B extensions.

Why choose Aheadworks B2B Company Accounts for Magento 2?

  • Monitor orders of all customers within the company account
  • Create auto assignment via company domains
  • Allow company admin to set roles and permissions for child accounts
  • Manage the information of company users
  • Configure company registration form quickly on the storefront

You can learn more about the extension on the product page.

One of the biggest customers’ demands is to learn about the product as much as possible, so they can be sure of the purchase quality. Product Downloads is the extension you need to provide your customers with detailed specifications, instructions, video tutorials, and other attachment files. 

Product Downloads allows store admins to assign multiple files to one product or one file for multiple products and manage it easily via the product downloads grid. Import and export of files to your B2B store as well as uploading files direct to a folder on the server can be done in a few clicks with the extension. Moreover, store admins can define displaying conditions on the storefront.

Why choose Magento 2 Product Downloads?

  • Upload files of various types and sizes
  • Import/export files in bulk
  • Associate a file with multiple products
  • Attach any number of files to a product
  • Make use of the premade icon package
  • View the number of downloads of each file

You can learn more about the extension on the product page.

The fact that retailers and wholesalers need different approaches in pricing and catalog content differentiation makes store operation rather complicated. M2 Customer Group Catalog Permissions is a great solution to divide catalog between specified customer groups keeping website performance streamlined.

It allows store admins to manage customer groups permissions and divide catalog content between them. Make products visible or restrict them by particular customer group, show customized text messages instead of add to cart button, redirect clients from hidden categories, and a lot of other features significant for providing customer-oriented shopping services and keeping purchase management with ease on your Magento 2 store. 

Why choose Customer Group Catalog Permissions by Aheadworks?

  • Divide catalog content between wholesalers, retailers, and many other relevant client segments
  • Hide categories, CMS pages, and individual products from specific customer groups
  • Redirect your customers to any pages
  • Replace hidden price and/or add to cart button with customized text
  • Apply for permissions individually and in bulk

You can learn more about the extension on the product page.

An effective pricing strategy usually involves beneficial deals both for merchant and customer. To reach an agreement easily M2 B2B Cart to Quote extension is needed. It allows Magento clients to shape requests for quotes while surfing the website and topping up the carts. 

The simplified quoting process covers both registered and non-registered users to request a quote. It allows customers to turn a B2B cart into a quote list in one click. The Quote auto-approval feature will save your time dramatically as well as multiple templates for notification on status. 

The integration with Company Accounts makes it real to engage multiple corporate users in the negotiation process.

Why choose Aheadworks Cart to Quote extension?

  • Create requests for a quote either on the back- or front-end
  • Add multiple products per quote
  • Quote List alike Shopping Cart
  • Discount as a %, decrement, or new total of the quotation bundle
  • Allow auto-approval of quotes
  • Export quotes as .doc and .pdf files

You can learn more about the extension on the product page.

B2B eCommerce business personalization is proven to be a crucial factor for reaching success, as clients are likely to believe ‘human’ assistants rather than engines. Sales representatives are more productive in clients' issues resolution, providing users with up-to-date product info, special offers, and individual approach. 

Photo, email, phone number, and other additional information about the sales manager intensify customers’ trust towards online stores, while skilled managers will definitely find the best sales-related solution both for customer and merchant. 

Besides, it’s possible to assign sales representatives in bulk in the customer's grid or appoint them to different customer groups. With this extension, your sales process will go smoothly and efficiently.

Why choose Sales Representative for Magento 2?

  • Assign sales representatives to orders automatically
  • Engage personal sales consultants for customers
  • Display sales managers' contact info in a customer account
  • Control sales representatives' performance at ease
  • Send notifications for both customer and sales dealer
  • Manage sales representatives' permissions in the back-end

You can learn more about the extension on the product page.

The B2B business, which sells to dealer/distributor networks, needs a more extended operation, so Aheadworks released the M2 B2B Extension Suite. It offers a wide range of features necessary for maintaining Magento 2 b2b business.

Achieve the maximum potential of your business with an all-in-one suite. Company Accounts, Requisition List, Quick Order, Cart to Quote, and Company Credit features are included in the suite. You can enable customers to create corporate accounts, set permissions for specific company roles, negotiate prices, place bulk orders, create requisition lists, and more. All combined, this provides a personalized approach to each customer, thereby decreasing cart abandonment rates and boosting revenue. Besides, multiple integrations are available to enhance B2B Extension Suite functionality.

Why choose M2 B2B Extension Suite?

  • Allow companies to create multiple staff accounts within your store

  • Offer credit to trusted customers

  • Simplify the quoting process for orders and convert quotes to orders 

  • Introduce requisition lists to encourage repeat purchases

You can learn more about the extension on the product page.


There are a lot of solutions to drive your b2b business to success. And Aheadworks is one of the biggest providers here, supplying thousands of online stores all over the world with quality extensions and services. 

The full list of our extremely useful b2b extensions you can find here. 

Explore all the advantages of b2b eCommerce with Aheadworks!